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We have the same passion and love for coaching youth baseball that you have.  Everything we do is directed toward building you as that coach in order to help you build the youth baseball player, on the field and in their home.

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1 on 1 instruction providing in-depth analysis and on-going relationship for success


$90/hour & $50/half-hour

We believe in the individuals coming together for the good of the team.  Our idea of a team is the whole team waiting at the entrance of the dugout when their teammate just scored a run, regardless of the score.  Teams will succeed when they are playing for something bigger than themselves.


              – weekly, monthly, and seasonal packages available!  Contact us for more information!

We are available for team camps/clinics for your league and organization; we offer skill specific and age/level specific camps and clinics.

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We would love to speak to your team, organization, and league of players, coaches, and parents.  We share our stories of success and failure in this National Pastime that is the game of baseball.

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Do you want to get an edge when coaching your son and your team?  Or do you want to build that relationship with your son or team and need guidance to use baseball as that medium?  We are here for that and more!  Contact us to find out for more information.

Via Skype $45/half-hour call (phone call will be recorded for future use)

Meet The Coach
When founder of Houston Baseball Coach™, Solomon Alam, was a young boy, he fell in love with the game of Baseball.  Throughout his playing days and now having been a Houston baseball coach for going on a decade, that love and passion has only greatly increased.  Baseball has given him a chance in life and has taught him life lessons that only the game of baseball could do.  Now, with HBC, he wants to share that same passion and love as well as life lessons with you.
Knowledge Center
Free Tips & Resources help you with various aspects of baseball and the training that goes along with the sport

Pitching: The Art of Long-Toss and My Experience With It

Long-toss, to me, has many benefits that translate to pitching. And pitching with success. In this blog, I will go over a several key points. But first, let us talk about how I approached long-toss in my playing days and how it helped me with my pitching. Long-toss is...

Mental Game – Using the Bill of Your Cap as Motivation

The mental game of baseball is very important and can be the difference as you climb up the ladder in the game. It is important that each individual find a place where they can go back to when needing that mental boost. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Atlanta...

Mental Approach To Hitting

Most youth hitters spend a lot of time in the hitting cages or on the field taking hitting practice. They have willing and able parents as well as coaches that will throw them hitting practice for hours upon hours. But what happens once you they step in the hitter’s...

I Score, We Score

When you watch a Major League Baseball game on t.v., I want you to notice something. Picture this: it is the 1st inning, after a walk and a stolen base, the pitcher has fallen behind in the count 2-0. The players and coaches in the dugout have all...

3 Reasons Why Giving Up A Home Run Could Be A Good Thing

For Youth Pitchers: 3 Reasons Why Giving Up A Home Run Could Be A Good Thing Having pitched in my youth all the way through college, I have given up my share of home runs. There is one in particular that I do not know that I will ever forget.  It just...


Houston Baseball Coach is Back! 10 years ago, I started out as a high school and middle school coach at a private school, then transitioned into private instruction and select baseball. During that time, I have been able to share my love and passion for...

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Solomon Alam has been a youth baseball coach in the Houston area since 2006. He played college baseball at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Upon graduating college, he began coaching youth baseball and has since realized his true love and passion. Along with Joe Pirozzolo, whom Solomon coached while Joe was in high school, they both share their experiences and passion for coaching youth baseball in The Houston Baseball Coach Podcast. Coach Joe played collegiately at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. His senior year, he led his team to the Division II College World Series. Different topics discussed include how to motivate a youth athlete, communicating with parents, certain coaching philosophies, hitting & fielding drills, techniques, and fundamentals. We will answer any questions you may have via the podcast
My Goals


– Positively impact youth baseball teams in the Houston area.

– Offer on-site and online coaching to coaches and teams focusing on team building, kid development, and parent coaching.

– Share those experiences among others by online mediums leading to helping other coaches in their experience coaching youth baseball

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