The mental game of baseball is very important and can be the difference as you climb up the ladder in the game. It is important that each individual find a place where they can go back to when needing that mental boost.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves. Now, I rooted for the hometown Astros, except when they played the Braves.  On some of those Braves World Series teams in the early ‘90s was a player by the name of Ron Gant. Gant had a great Major League career hitting over 300 home runs and driving in over 1000 RBI’s.  I was a young ballplayer, probably 10 years old, playing Little League in Spring, TX.
In one telecast while watching the Braves play, the commentators talked about Gant and one thing he did to use as motivation. Under the bill of his hat, Gant would write in big letters, “I CAN, I AM, I WILL!” Notice the exclamation point. He was emphatic about it!  The idea is when he takes his hat off to wipe a brow of sweat off, or just before he puts his hat back on at the beginning of the inning, he can catch a glance at the bill of his hat, therefore, repeating that phrase to himself during the course of any given game and season.  Sometimes, as baseball players, we need to reassure ourselves that we have the ability to play the game of baseball. This gives us a relaxation point to let our natural abilities take over.  One thing that I reaffirm to any players that I coach is that during the course of the game, only a certain few pitches dictate the course of it. It is important that your mental approach is in line with that.   And sometimes reminding yourself, even using the bill of your cap, is enough to get you back on track.  Thanks for tuning in and be sure to visit back for more great insight on playing the game of baseball. Feel free to ask me any questions via email solomon at houstonbaseballcoach dot com or on Twitter @htownbaseballco.

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