Houston Baseball Coach is Back!

10 years ago, I started out as a high school and middle school coach at a private school, then transitioned into private instruction and select baseball. During that time, I have been able to share my love and passion for baseball in hopes that any kid can develop their own love and passion for the game.

For the last 3 years, I have been running my own select baseball organization in the Spring, TX area, about 20 minutes north of Houston. We have had as many as 6 teams in a season in several different age groups.

It was great to be a part of so many great families and kid’s lives. I tell people all the time that I do this for the relationships. And when you have 60 plus families that you see weekly, it makes it fun to be at the ballpark or batting cages every day.
With the Houston Baseball Coach website, I want to build that relationship with more families and kid’s to be able to better impact this baseball community. Whether it be through an email list, Facebook, or any other form of social media, I feel like I have more on an impact to make in this game.

A few of y’all may know that I had a podcast called The Houston Baseball Coach Podcast, with my buddy Joe Pirozzolo. In the HBC Podcast, we go over several coaching topics including a general approach to hitting, running an effective practice, aggressive base coaching, and many more.

Also on the HBC Podcast, we have an in-depth conversation with Coach Matt Lisle about hitting, who is the University of South Carolina Softball Hitting Coach. Coach Lisle also runs thehittingvault.com, which I am a member of, where they provide amazing content.
I am currently creating more content to put on the Houston Baseball Coach Podcast so we can get that back out for others to enjoy.
I am also creating short videos for YouTube and other social media outlets. In those videos, I will take parts of the game and describe experiences I have had while coaching youth baseball.

With the email list, I want to be able to bring all that content and build relationships with those that want it.
Personally, I tell people all the time that you will find someone that has forgotten more about baseball than I will ever know. And I okay with that.

What you will not find is someone that loves the game more than me.
My goal is to continue to sharing that love and passion so that someone else can enjoy the same love for the game, and maybe even learn about baseball while we are at it.

Here is hoping everyone has a great 2018 on the diamond.

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